The Smallest Stadium in the MLB

Posted by Katie Weisbrod on

We love each and every stadium, and we know that there are stadiums that wow in each and every league.  But, our bias is for baseball stadiums.  There's something about that Americana that just can't be beat.

Every MLB Stadium from the greatest and most grand, to they most intimate has something to be admired and loved by their city.

The smallest stadium in use in the major league is Tropicana, Home of the Tampa Bay Rays.  You know, the team that almost went to the World Series.  We love those small market teams.  Holding just over 31,000 people, it is nearly half the capacity of the largest MLB stadium, Dodger Stadium

What do we love about Tropicana? Tropicana has it's own 10,000 gallon tank which is home to the real-life versions of it's mascot - Manta Rays. Practically an exhibit at a zoo, fans can get up close and personal with the Rays. How fun is that?

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