The Lambeau Leap

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One of the things we love most about sports is the history and fanfare of it all. It’s the way the team, the places, and the fans bring people together in ways most of our daily life just can’t. 

Every team, every city, every stadium has something that the fans love (or love to hate in some cases), it that sets them apart.

We want to highlight our fans and the things fans love.

The Lambeau Leap

In 1993 LeRoy Butler scored a touchdown after a Reggie White fumble recovery and lateral against the LA Raiders on December 26th, 1993. To celebrate his first touchdown, Butler jumped 5’11” into the arms of the fans who drag him up into the stands, creating one of the most iconic and repeated celebrations in football: The Lambeau Leap. The Leap has been grandfathered in and the excessive celebration rule doesn't count when you're at Lambeau Field.

Who doesn’t want to be celebrated after killing it at your job? “Craig you killed those TPS reports!” Insert Lambeau Leap. Your sales team makes record sales in Q3. Insert Lambeau Leap.  

See, doesn’t that sound amazing?

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